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this pays homage to Koyaanisqatsi

Magnitka ver. 4.5 operator reel - Sasha Aleksandrov

Magnitka ver. 4.5 operator reel – Sasha Aleksandrov

When Shahab made up my interest in hyperlapse several years ago, I came across Sasha Aleksandrov. His video Magnitika was what I expected hyperlapse to be. A mystic or even transcendental art that makes us think about time and space, chances and danger of human producing. For me, this comes closest to the Qatsi-Trilogy by Godfrey Reggio – films that we probably all have seen.

Thank you Sasha for sharing your videos – and your view – with us.

Microscope rotations



Here is something that blew our mind. We always wanted the opportunity to see crystals grow. Nick Lariontsev definitly loves the small worlds within our world.

This video will take you away into a magic world unvisible for the naked eye.

For these shots a device called Burbulyator („LT BBR-2010″) was built. Great work!