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Within Two Worlds - Goldpaint Photography

Within Two Worlds – Goldpaint Photography

In the end, all of us and everything we know is the same. What are we here for? If you ever feel desperate and life feels hard to live… look up to the stars and imagine what a miracle it is that we even exist. And in the end, all of us and everything we know will be the same again.

Microscope rotations



Here is something that blew our mind. We always wanted the opportunity to see crystals grow. Nick Lariontsev definitly loves the small worlds within our world.

This video will take you away into a magic world unvisible for the naked eye.

For these shots a device called Burbulyator („LT BBR-2010″) was built. Great work!

Hyper-Lapse by Dan Eckert



Dan Eckert was the first using the term „hyperlapse“ in the title of the video „Hyper-Lapse“. The video shows the view from a railroad track near the border California/Nevada. Dan Eckert used a motorized Meade telescope head to realize the pans but leaving the track he also walked his tripod. Nice clouds in there, vast landscapes to lose oneself in.