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    Hello my name is Shahab Gabriel Behzumi, I was born in Kaiserslautern and I live and work most of the time in Mannheim Germany. since about 2007, I spend most of my time in producing Hyperlapse Sequences. Thus a gigantic archive occured, which still grews week by week.
    In the autumn of 2006 I purchased my first Camera, a Nikon Coolpix L12, at the time this Camera offered no Manual functions. From then on I haven’t stopped taking pictures.
    The Camera has a Stop-Motion Function that enabled the camera to put together the separate Pictures into a Film sequence. This granted a playful introduction to what was to come.
    My first engagement with the Stop-Motion/Time-lapse Medium, was completely intuitive,experimental and in disregard of technical demands, which i am very happy about.
    The Time-lapse function of my camera worked much in my favor, since it had a higher resolution than the video function could offer. So then I could “already” use 1024×768 instead of 640×480. (This was very much in my interest.)
    In the beginning it was not a just a pure time-lapse nor a pure Stop-Motion. It was much more a mixture of both.. I just experimented excessively and intuitively. Sometime, beginning of 2007 I discovered the „prototype“ of walk-lapse and really got onto that. More and more I began to moving around the objects I was trying to capture, in circular motions to rotate them and to be able to capture them from all perspectives. I often filled entire memory cards without even noticing. Hourlong, excessive capturing of Images felt like minutes passing. It became an obsession.
    For the most part of the time my motivation was to capture moments by being completely in the present, which is an organic state brought forth through this creative process. One is completely one with the work and in a meditative and satisfied state.
    In the autumn of 2007 I began my studies at the Art Academy in Mannheim and luckily I had discovered a point of interest, which interested professors and peers alike. It was something individual and unknown, that nobody was familiar with in this form, at least nobody I knew. In that respect in enjoyed acknowledgment and admiration in the art scene.
    In this time I received the first requests from artist and musicians to document or present their work. I utilized my technique to capture specific objects or even processes for instance in image-clips.
    This was the catalyst for the transition to work more detailed and exact, instead of „just“ taking pictures wildly and just going with the flow. So the whole thing developed to what it is now: parallel to my passion, professional perspectives have opened up, upon which I founded my business „b-zOOmi“ in 2009. The Name is in derived from my last name but also inspires to „zoom in“. And that´s it, that´s what I am living for..
    Traveling, scouting and zooming, in order to capture moments around the world, from every possible perspective..That´s my purpose in Life.

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