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    Let me start. My name is Thanit Areerasd, I’m an artist domiciled in wonderful Mannheim.
    Photography tought me that you can find true beauty in everything. Since childhood I adore the moving image. Art overall, but espescially the mix of variations we call „film“ is a gateway to alterative worlds. A dreamland where everything is possible.
    Although I have a deep passion for it – I haven’t finished a single film yet. I still shy at several projects on my mind. For a long time I had the feeling just not to be good enough. Now I recognice: as long as you do something with true love, it is done perfectly.

    So I work as a photographer, as an agent, as a salesman, as a bartender. I love to get to know people.

    For me, getting to know people is like reading books. If you spend time on it then you can learn. Chapter after chapter. Once I grasp what they are about you can hardly resist to read till the end.
    And there are so many good books out there.

    On my way I got to know Shahab. He is one of those good books. His enthusiastic manner caught my attention. To be honest I thought: What the fuck is wrong with this guy? He was shooting photos all the time. And I really mean ALL the time. Then I got it: A photo is a proof of existence and the reflexion of time. Every single photo is unique as the elements in this picture will never be exactly the same.
    Putting a sequence of photos back in a row is an attempt to reconstruct reality. Shahab has the deep wish to find out the deepest truths of our world. And this is what unites us two.
    This is why I support this project.
    It is about reflective thinking, sharing, love.

Betrachte 1 Post (von insgesamt 1)